Constructive perspective for job seekers

It’s mid-November. Everybody is aiming towards summer break and counting the days towards Christmas. There is a lonely crowd amongst us, though, called job seekers. For them, this time of year is frustrating…and January couldn’t come quicker. Each one’s scenario is different – some took on further studies and are now hoping to apply their […]

We’re hiring: Intern Recruitment Assistant

Intern position: Recruitment Assistant

Period: ASAP-Dec 2017

Location: Work from home(attend occasional meetings) 

Requirements: Registered HR student, Computer, Internet connection, email account, cellphone, Dropbox account

Remuneration: Commission structure


Liaise with companies in Tourism & Travel Industry to scout for vacancies

Screen new applicants and database

Conduct telephone interviews

Daily reporting to Managing Director

Only if you comply with above requirements, email your CV, ID copy and Proof Of Student Registration to

What triggered Charlize’s interest in travel and tourism

I love hearing my clients’ stories. I recently asked a young job seeker from Gauteng, Charlize Tobin, what triggered and shaped her interest in the travel and tourism industry. Her answer warmed my heart. Charlize agreed that I could share it here on my blog:

“…it all started at a very young age when I wanted to be a flight attendant and as I grew up I learned more and more about which sector flight attending fell under which was travel and tourism. But as soon as I started my travel and tourism course back in 2012, that’s when I was taught so much more about the tourism industry which left me wanting to know more and more each passing year; at first it was just about western Cape – places I never knew existed and it moved it’s way all around the world which left me astonished at all the beauty which lies around us.

After I finished my first course I was unsure as to what I wanted to do within the tourism industry because there were a lot to choose from, until I did an internship at Harvey World Travel Centurion and that’s when I knew exactly which two directions I would like to take.
What I enjoyed most about travel consulting was being able to help others experience a leisure/business trip of a life time to its fullest – which can change the lives forever. One has to have a passion for travel and tourism and a humble personality which will attract clients to an agency and build a relationship which will have them coming back for more…